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A simple solution to meet the GHG emissions standards 

Ready now

The technology is ready to be implemented in multiple areas

Modular. Versatile

For small and big consumers using any type of vegetable oils

Your solution for a green future

A viable alternative to fossil fuels


For agricultural equipment, district heating, construction equipment, public transport or ecological Diesel fuels that meet or exceed GHG* emission and sustainability criteria defined by RED II** standards.

  • A cost effective solution

  • On call - on demand

  • Attractive ROI compared with existing renewables


For factories, industrial platforms, farms, micro grid systems, construction sites, buildings, street lighting, prosumer systems, cogeneration systems, isolated locations, or events.

  • Competitive pricing

  • Decentralized and scalable

  • Optional backup for other renewables


Industrial cogeneration, agricultural farms, district heating, warehouses, schools, hospitals, remote spaces, or certain locations that need continuous temperature control.

  • A viable solution for continuous energy price rise 

  • Easy to connect with the existing heating systems

  • Decentralized and scalable

Join us on the path to 2030


Disruptive technology, a simple solution in a large and fast growing market.


Global economic trend and favorable geopolitics.

Renkol Technology

An innovative, cutting edge procedure for processing vegetable oils, whereas complex energy fields are involved in breaking molecular bonds without the use of chemicals or catalysts during processing.

The biofuel obtained can be used as a Diesel substitute.

Glycerin, a byproduct of oil processing, is separated centrifugally.

The proportion of the resulting products is about 10:1. Therefore, from 10 tons of vegetable oil results 9 tons of bio-fuel and 1 ton of glycerin.

There are NO other byproducts.

For the 50% efficiency percentage calculations, here is the link

For the 75% efficiency percentage calculations, here is the link

Renkol solutions don’t involve in the CHP percentage efficiency, it

only changes the fuel that feed the CHP, reducing the cost of fuel!

Investment packages

Contact us for packages details


500.000 €


2.500.000 €

Team contact:

Horatiu Terpe

[email protected]

+1 917 929 1707

Andrei Stoleriu

[email protected]

+40 728 624 521

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